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Founder & CEO Terra Digital
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The below is an excerpt of the book “Digital Storytelling: The Rise of User-Generated Content” set to publish May 2021.

With the rise of user-generated content (UGC) and social media, storytelling has become the most powerful weapon we have. It influences everything around us. From who we elect to office to how we get jobs. And it can be used for good — or evil.

That’s what my book, “Digital Storytelling: The Rise of User-Generated Content,” is about: the distinct rise of UGC and the personal narrative approach to storytelling that affects our lives and the world around us. How do the powers that be in politics, business, and culture use content as an instrument to serve their own needs?

The below is an excerpt of the book “Digital Storytelling: The Rise of User-Generated Content” set to publish May 2021. It expands on my personal ‘why’ for building Terra Digital, a platform on a mission to make storytelling more accessible.

My dad is a tall Punjabi man who wears a turban and is a bit heavyset.

I have a complicated relationship with my father. My parents divorced when I was twelve and he became a distant figure in my life when my mother and I moved out of the house to start over in an adjacent town. …

The below is an excerpt of the book “Digital Storytelling: The Rise of User-Generated Content” set to publish May 2021.

I never paid much attention to famous people. Both my brother and sister work in the entertainment industry so I was desensitized to the world of celebrities from an early age.

But I grieved for Anthony Bourdain when I found out he hanged himself in 2018.

Kitchen Confidential, his inaugural book, was one of the first I can remember reading for pleasure and not at the behest of a teacher or parent.

It had drugs, obscene language, antiheroes, kitchen brawls…

Photos from a day of eating in Woodside, Jackson Heights, and Flushing

Little Tibet

It’s no longer a matter of if, but when. You’re bound to get attacked, so get ready.

There’s no quick fix to cybersecurity. Even with the best prevention tools in the world, complete protection is never a guarantee. If you are attacked today, does your team have the ability to detect that attack? And if they can detect it, can they contain the breach to minimize its impact? It’s a simple question, but one that is decidedly difficult to answer.

Ten years ago, cybersecurity was not top of mind for many government and business leaders. It was a challenge convincing…

My friends and I decided to heed warnings and (reluctantly) head home from Cuba early. It wasn’t an easy choice given so much misinformation and skepticism about the true path Hurricane Irma will take. But headlines like “Hurricane Irma: Like a ‘Lawnmower From the Sky’” are hard to shake off.

Here’s what I noticed before flying out of José Martí on Friday.

Cubans Were Undeterred in the Face of the Hurricane

In the face of 155 mile an hour winds, Cuban’s remained undeterred. The past few days we talked with cab drivers, bar flies, university students — and across the board they believed Cubans were prepared for Irma. A…

The holidays mean food, family, friends, gifts…and potential for cyber crime. As the holiday retail season nears its peak, consumers are scrambling to take advantage of Black Friday deals and put a dent in their shopping lists. This concentrated melee means abundant data will be available for criminals to exploit. Cybersecurity experts from global consulting and technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton have identified five ways cyber criminals will attempt to hijack the 2016 holidays.

Tis the season … to disrupt sales

Consumer payment data is clearly a major concern during the holidays, but the prospect of sales disruptions will be…

Learning from the past helps us grow — but talking about history can be…tedious.

“We’ve lasted more than 100 years because we’ve stood firm on a foundation of the highest character, an unyielding commitment to the best client service, and genuine care for our employees and communities.”

We get it, you’re old.

Behind these grandiose statements though are people. Leaders who have ventured into the unknown. Experts who applied their knowledge to something different and never seen before. Pioneers.

In a new experiment we’re calling #BoozAllenPioneers we explore the stories behind executive personas. Who are they once you get past…

Karam Sethi

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